Ever Wonder What YOUR Life Could Be Like at Continuous PEAK PERFORMANCE?

Transform YOUR life With Ben Newman's elite coaching program for high performers – Elevate YOUR Skills, confidence, And Success Beyond YOUR Wildest Dreams!

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what you will get...

Group LIVE Calls with Ben NEWMAN - to shatter self-doubt, empowering you to conquer your fears and stay consistently motivated

Community Building for Accountability - Develop valuable relationships with fellow high performers, fostering an environment of ongoing accountability and mutual encouragement

Monday Ignition Livestream EVERY WEEK - Start every week on a high note with motivation-packed livestreams, ensuring constant engagement, accountability and focus on your week

Digital Access to the Mental Toughness Academy that will teach you strategies for resilience, enhancing your ability to thrive under pressure and overcome obstacles

Uncommon Coaching Mindset Course - Feeling STRESSED, UNINSPIRED and UNPRODUCTIVE? this course will help you Build a Mental Framework & Convert Stress into Your Strongest Asset

exclusive Members Only Workshops - connecting with peers, networking and learning from leaders in a growth-centric environment. get the support that will elevate your results

See What OUR Community Is Saying About OUR Coaching, OUR Bootcamps and OUR Events...


You can feel it in your gut... YOU were made for more.

Whether you're running a business, working for that NFL contract, training to be in the best shape of your life, or simply inspired to elevate all the relationships in your life, I'm talking to YOU. The one thing that people often overlook on their path to success is the importance of having the RIGHT people in your corner. You read it in every "success" book... "you are the average of the people you surround yourself with" but those books rarely give instruction as to HOW you're supposed to upgrade your circle.

Let me introduce you to...

elite coaching program for high performers

This private small group setting focuses on the mental and emotional strategies that are required to achieve at high levels. It's time to overcome the fears, silence the self-doubt, and destroy that imposter syndrome once and for all.

We've helped some of the highest achievers in the world through this, built a proven system to replicate that mindset, and now we're bringing it to YOU.

What's in It for You...



Direct access to Ben Newman's world-class strategies, personal coaching, and individualized feedback, ensuring your unique goals and struggles are met with tailor-made solutions and actionable strategies.

Exclusive Community Access

Join a vibrant community of like-minded high achievers, where networking and support propel you towards your dreams. Benefit from a structured accountability framework. Join a community that will uplift you and help you elevate your results



Techniques to stay motivated and accountable even if you don’t feel like it. These techniques will help you build a mental framework & convert hardship into your strongest asset



With regular live calls, workshops, networking with the community, and up-to-date resources, your growth never stalls while you stay accountable and receive direct feedback. Unlimited access to mental toughness tools, ensuring lifelong learning and development.

Get access to the program that has generated results for Super Bowl Champions, national champion teams, and Fortune 100 Executives. Are you next?

who this is for

Individuals in our community that are committed to challenging the norms, thinking differently, and open to stepping outside their comfort zone to achieve growth. Those that are willing to join get a network of equally committed and loyal team members that help create a network of accountability and growth. Individuals join the Uncommon Live Coaching Group to satisfy a hunger for the absolute most this world has to offer. It isn't for everyone.


apply now and Get 'the Prizefighter 5-day coaching program' for Free!

Introducing "The Prizefighter Day" – a proven program distilling 18 years of success strategies from legends like Tom Brady and Coach Nick Saban. Used by top achievers – from Financial Advisors to Super Bowl Champions – it empowers you to seize control, cultivate an uncommon mindset, and sustain peak performance in key areas.

With a 3-step method, build impactful habits, attack goals, and achieve continuous success. Make every day a victory by embracing the process with passion.

ben's work has been featured in


Continual Peak Performance Coach

USA Today Top 5 Coach in the World | TOP 50 Keynote Speaker

2x Wall Street Journal Best Seller

You may have seen him running up the sidelines as a Mental Performance Coach for your favorite sports team or recognize him for his bestselling books, The STANDARD and UNCOMMON Leadership.

For the last two decades, Ben has been serving as the Peak Performance Coach for the top 1% of financial advisors globally and for Fortune 500 business executives.

Ben’s clients have included: Microsoft, United States Army, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Quicken Loans, MARS Snackfoods, AstraZeneca, Northwestern Mutual, AFA Singapore, Mass Financial Group, Frontier Companies, Wells Fargo Advisors, Great West Life Canada, Boston Medical Center, Boys & Girls Club of America, New York Life as well as thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and sales teams from around the globe.

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“Thanks for being a part of making Top 20. Prizefighter Days make it Happen.”

Armen Khadiwala

Managing Director Top 20 Advisor for a Fortune 100 Financial Firm, Denver, CO

"There are very few people that your meet in life who come in swiftly, and completely cause you to level up in an instant. To inspire better, communicate clearer and teach you to create massive impact. Ben is hands down the master at this."

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Founder of the Institute of Muscle-Centric Medicine

"Ben Newman doesn't just teach elite performers about excellence, helives it as well. His book will show you how to set the highest standards for yourself and achieve them."

Tim Grover

World Champion Performance Coach

"Ben Newman lays out a clear and concise roadmap for incorporating standards into your life to achieve more happiness, success, and peace of mind. Ben teaches readers the tactics and strategies peak performers have used for decades to create a mindset that engages thoughts with actions to produce optimal results in all areas of your life."

Ed Mylett

Global Speaker

Peak Performance Expert

"Consistency is one of the truest measurements of performance and Ben Newman CONSISTENTLY lives to a higher STANDARD. This book is no exception! We should all aim to become a better version of ourselves each day, if you dare to be great, read THE STANDARD!"

Ted Rath

Vice President of Player Performance,

Philadelphia Eagles

"Ben has worked with my teams for over nine years as a Performance Coach. The 'Pound the Stone' presentation he gave our Kansas State football team was right on the money and was timed perfectly as we begin on to head into Spring football and we continue to build on our great tradition. His energy and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entire room."

Coach Chris Klieman

K-State Football Head Coach